Vector Fit Golf
swing • analyze • improve

A smaller, private place to practice and work on your game over the winter. Practice with top of the line Foresight launch monitors to get the most accurate data that is trusted by the world's best players. Lesson from someone who has played for 27 years. Group and kids sessions available. Inside of a fitness training center, so if you are looking for strength and flexibility training it is available.

Simulator rental:
$30/hr - Weekdays before 4 pm
$40/hr - Weekdays after 4 pm
$40/hr - Weekends

Lessons with launch monitor data and video analysis:
$100 - 90-minute session
Package lessons available in sets of 3, 5, & 10.
Group lessons:
$50/person - 90-minute session

Call 612-998-8335 or book simulator tee times on Facebook

[email protected]
Suite 140, 3225 Country Drive
Little Canada, MN 55117